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Facial Treatments

Renew Your Skin $135

Professional Skin Consultation


AHA Peel

Facial Lifting

Collagen Masque

Relaxation Massage Therapy​​

Age Defying Treatment $150
(to reverse aging process, sun spots, uneven tone and wrinkles)

Professional Skin Consultation



Micro Current Face Lifting

Phototherapy Facial (LED)

Energizing Skin Mask

Relaxation Massage Therapy

Deluxe Facial Treatment $150

Professional Skin Consultation


 Antibacterial Mask

Acne and Acne Scar Treatments (one session) $125

Professional Skin Consultation

Enzyme Peel

Salicylic Acid Peel

Deep Pore Cleansing of the skin


Light Therapy


Antibacterial Mask ​

 *Improves your complexion up to 30% on the 1st session

Permanent Make-up

Eyebrows $600

Eyes (Upper Liner) $300

Eyes (Lower Line) $250

Eyes (Upper & Lower) $500

Eyebrows & Eyes (Lower or Upper Line) $699

Lip Liner $600

Lips Filling $350

Eyebrows, Eyes (Lower or Upper) & Lip Liner $999

Special Occasion Make-up $75

Makeup Lesson $75

Makeup Class $ 25