About Mabel Beauty Care

Mabel Beauty Care Skin Care Solutions was founded in 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Mabel Gonzalez and has now expanded to Calgary, Alberta. Mabel Beauty Care offers medical grade skin care services treating different skin types, conditions and skin problems with proven results. Mabel has 30 years of skin care experience beginning as a graduate Skin Care Specialist in her native Venezuela and includes over 8 years working with the Miss Venezuela Beauty Pageant. Mabel carries a professional Paramedical Aesthetician License as well as an Aesthetics Instructor License from the USA and now works as a Medical Aesthetician in Canada.
During her extensive career in the skin care industry Mabel has developed the Ella by Mabel product line. Every product is produced in the United States using scientific and dermatological research in a modernized lab with technologically advanced machinery. Products are never tested on animals. Our skin philosophy is based on the fact that the skin is a living tissue continually restoring itself. And so, the products are formulated to work on the skin surface as well as deeper….on a cellular level. These are the same products that Mabel uses every day in the clinic with all her clients.
Mabel Beauty Care is committed to providing the best Skin Care Solution possible to each client we see. Skin care is not just Mabel’s profession….it is her passion

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